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By Disappointed (anonymous) | Posted December 13, 2011 at 11:14:15

The Mayor has no integrity. There was no grey area that would leave an opening for either of his statements (Friday's or today's) to be interpreted as genuine. The fact that it took him a week to even get to this insulting admission of half-guilt is deplorable. He's now trying to hide behind 'employment law' and his poor wording, an even weaker position.

He lied. Council has allowed him to weasel out of it. End of story. I realize pursuing this further would plunge us into a rocky future, but I don't get any sense that Bratina appreciates the damage he's done and I don't think Council's future is bright enough to warrant that much protection.

Bet: By mid-January we'll all be furious with him for some other 'not well-worded' comment in the media. I'm only giving him that long because he's unlikely to get in trouble during the Christmas break. Here's hoping.

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