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By MikeBelmore (registered) | Posted December 13, 2011 at 11:13:55

It was an apology for a "misunderstanding", when an apology for a misdeed was called for. He wasn't "misunderstood", he lied about his actions and he tried to place blame for his decisions on a public servant. It was deplorable behaviour for a Mayor (or anyone).

An apology that chalks it all up to "misunderstanding" suggests Bratina is blameless, or worse, puts the onus on those who "misunderstood" him. Worse than no apology at all in my opinion. This wasn't a communications problem; it was an integrity problem.

Bratina has an integrity problem. Now, so does Council.

Council let Bratina off the disciplinary hook once after the all-day GO v. LRT debacle. He learned nothing. Neither has Council.

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