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By Bob Lee (anonymous) | Posted December 12, 2011 at 23:45:36

Stossdolch, aka telstar at the Spec. Same song and dance: quivering paranoiac deathly afraid of other people accomplishing something in their lives, figured out some time ago that 'he didn't really want to go to those parties' anyway and now is happy to lob featherballs from the sidelines. It goes like this: hey ___, you are like [fantastical noun: astroboy; the ghost of christmas past; Marguerite de Navarre] with the [overblown adjective: simpering; antedeluvian; post-structuralist] way you always [condescending verb: jive; blow; waffle] about issues no one in Hamilton could care about, why don't you go back to your hipster hangout on James N.

This is honestly all you will get from him, ever. Whoever you are: grow up. You too can make friends one day and influence your surroundings.

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