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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted December 12, 2011 at 22:28:07

Seriously, I hope council just outright says "We are censuring Mayor Bratina, not only for his comments regarding HR and giving a pay hike to his direct advisor but for his multiple, unclear reversals of positions on LRT, De-amalgamation, the Stadium Issue, the Maple Leaf plant and his unprofessional demeanor as mayor with his United Way photo-op debacle, constant appearances on the Bill Kelly show, constant dueling with councilor Whitehead (we'll get to him in a bit too), derisive and somewhat untruthful comments made at the former mayor, sponsoring of the Liberal party during the election, and his outright deception in this case.

I think while I'm at it, I think I'll sound off on the rest of council too.

Brian McHattie - While he doesn't seem to come up with new ideas, he supports the right ideas. The velodrome, pushing walkability and he's a big supporter of curbing sprawl, which I like. Not a lot to complain about.

Jason Farr - Has some good ideas and seems to catch and deal with a lot of city work that slips through the cracks. Proof that fresh blood is needed on council. I just hope the Federal Building or his buddy buddy stance with Bratina early in his term doesn't come back to bite him.

Bernie Morelli - Does good in my eyes as he's constantly drawing attention to the bad red tape Hamilton suffers from. Too bad not a lot of progress has been made to clear it out. Keep fighting the good fight Morelli.

Sam Merulla - Makes very good points about budgetary responsibility and infrastructure spending. It's just too bad what points he makes are done in such an incendiary way that they are neigh impossible to take seriously. There is a time and a place for anger, and everyday is not the right time.

Chad Collins - There's not a lot I can really say bad about councilor Collins. I wouldn't want him to be mayor as I don't think he could take the reigns but he does his job, makes good decisions and understands he's answerable to his ward.

Tom Jackson - I disagree with many of Jackson's positions but he conducts himself well enough. He seems to be pro-sprawl and pro-car traffic. I do like the work he's done with the bay restoration council though. Not a fan of his political party choice either, but at least he seems to be a voice of loyal opposition for the city. I'd still replace him with an anti-sprawl candidate in a heartbeat though.

Scott Duval - I just don't hear enough from him to make a worthwhile opinion, which isn't exactly what I want to see on council.

Terry Whitehead - I am sick and tired of Whitehead acting like the anti-Bratina and constantly dueling with Bratina over everything. Whitehead doesn't add a lot to discussion, as he's too busy trying to be a foil to others. Also, I still can't believe West 5th has never had proper sidewalks throughout his entire tenure on council. Stonechurch finally getting them seemed like a bloody miracle.

Brad Clark - Not a fan of conservatives, but he at least tries to hold people accountable. Also I like that he opposes the mid-pen highway and (I could be wrong) wants trucks sticking to the Red Hill Parkway, as was the intention behind building it.

The other councilors of Wards 10-15 - In my opinion, they are good at staying out of a lot of issues and maintaining the status quo unless it directly effects their own wards. That's my experience with the 'amalgamated' wards. They strike me as similar to Duval in that I can't really make too much of an educated opinion on them.

So all in all, I support our Council more then our mayor and hope they teach Bratina a lesson. Some new blood on council though couldn't hurt.

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