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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted December 12, 2011 at 13:34:19 in reply to Comment 72152

Not that H+H needs to be defended...I'm sure he's quite capable of looking after himself, thankyouverymuch...but I'm going to step in here...if only a little.

First off, take issue with how Graham sees what he does, but it's plainly not reasonable for you to be judging these declarations as 'porkies'.

Secondly, you referring to anything that Graham has done as 'BS' automatically labels your response 'personal'.

As for whether or not Graham or anyone else on this forum feel personally slighted as a result of the former mayor not getting re-elected...never mind the quite condescending descriptive used involving the Pied Piper of Hamelin...well, this too reveals your personal interpretation more than anything else.

Now, you almost gain back something when you point out the 'little cluster of progressives', something here on RTH that I've previously referred to as an 'endless-loop echo-chamber'...but then you go and decide that the viewpoints of said cluster don't 'bear any resemblance to reality'. Which is an opinion...which is a personal observation.

Finally, 'normal Hamiltonians' don't have to 'suffer the clamor created by an entire neighbourhood of people romancing the sound of their own voice.' (Though I did giggle at your phrasing.) 'Normal Hamiltonians' know, the 60% of the electorate that regularly decides not to vote...don't give a flying expletive. They're too busy being busy at other busyness. (Never mind the quite un-savoury aspect of your point that smacks of intolerance of freedom-of-speech. You know, making it personal. Again.) So while I think it's marvellous that you've appointed yourself this group's representative, I do believe that the taskmaster here is as ill-equipped to function at the level at which they're attempting as the spokesperson clearly is.

P.S. While I have your attention, regarding how Graham sees this issue and how he's consistently seen the mayor's conduct and behaviour and general performance: I was at the Downtown Mosque last week for their press conference addressing the recent hate crime. What I witnessed there in the Mayor's ad-libbed statement was consistent in what's been offered up by Mayor Bratina within the time-frame being considered, what has been fodder for Graham's poster efforts, and certainly what many nay-sayers have been yammering on about here on RTH and elsewhere. No, my reaction wasn't so much a 'personal' one as it was one of an informed observer with less a need to slag someone off as a desire to perhaps promote dialogue about how (and if) within the current set of circumstances, we can strive to make things better. Try it sometime. You just might find it more rewarding than lobbing nicely-turned put-downs.

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