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By get real (anonymous) | Posted December 12, 2011 at 08:30:49 in reply to Comment 72123

You are being downvoted because you aren't making any coherent, valid points.

You start by saying Hamilton is not close enough to the top ten cities in terms of density in the world. Then you make the example of driving from stone church and wentworth to downtown - which is totally irrelevant. Even the most dense cities have infinite examples of a commute that is not easily cycled. So what's your point?

When faced with an argument that downtown citizens CAN easily get everything they need by bike, you retort "ya but that's just you", as if it's some sort of superman achievement out of reach of most citizens.

Then you argue that we don't have enough money downtown to justify bike lanes....which is - how can I put it - complete and utter nonsense.

First of all, if as you perceive, our citizenry is too poor to support a grocery store, surely they cannot afford a car either, so the city is wasting its money creating and maintaining space for cars downtown when it could build bike networks for a fraction of the infrastructure costs. By arguing poorness you are arguing FOR alternative transportation modes.

Second, how do you propose we increase the cash flow downtown? I have an idea - MAKE IT MORE LIVABLE SO THAT MORE TAXPAYERS WILL MOVE THERE. This requires a many-pronged solution but someone like you who has lived in all of these "good cities" should understand that bike infrastructure is one of the most important prongs.

You aren't being downvoted because you're some sort of messiah delivering an unwanted dose of reality, it's because you are a hamilton-hating squelcher keeping the city down.

Go back to Europe, we don't need your kind here.

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