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By concerned (anonymous) | Posted December 10, 2011 at 16:00:38

I'm concerned that RTH not turn into just a gossip sheet like Dreschel's columns for 20 or so years. Dresch is after all a gossip monger with a telephone. Wanna compare? Go into a Spec archive, publicly available, and read the city columns that Bill Dunphy was BRIEFLY allowed to write in the Spec in 2003, around and about that city election time. Yes, we know Graham, above and in his window, doesn't trust and dislikes Bob Bratina. Maybe the salary for the Mayor's exec or chief of staff 'should' get the new amount, after all the consideration of how. Danger is in getting distracted from real city-urban-all-Hamilton issues. Spec and CHML would like nothing better--makes their job easier--and as for the Cable 14 columnist hosts, one of them did get close examination finally and lost and has resented every second since. But those were on issues of real city consequence and real, big, $$--in a city 'project', and in real campaign illegality. It's fun to heckle, it really is, but when that episode's over, get back looking hard at real things.

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