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By an easy drive (anonymous) | Posted December 08, 2011 at 09:56:59 in reply to Comment 71995

There is no doubt that Hamilton is easy to drive in. But when you need to stop somewhere - or if you want to LIVE downtown - life becomes a lot less easy real fast.

We need to increase density in order to increase the tax base so that we can continue to function as a city without increasing taxes at every turn.

The city as it stands is a total turn off to newcomers. If we don't do something to attract new residents NOW, we will not be able to afford upkeep much longer. Our taxes are insane and the quickest relief is to ramp up density downtown. This will have minimal impact on those who are not interested in high density living as they can continue to live further out and drive everywhere.

If those who drive through the city every day are willing to give up 5 minutes of their daily commute by taking the highways instead, they may just find that their taxes will fall into line as we make the core more livable and start to attract more tax paying citizens into the core.

Or we can continue to snub newcomers, make the downtown totally uncomfortable, make it difficult to visit local businesses and keep our image down in the dumps so that every future cost remains a burden of the current stagnant population of taxpayers. Sounds like a great plan. Hope you enjoy your nice fast commute!

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