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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted December 06, 2011 at 11:40:55 in reply to Comment 71924

not to sound terrible, but once the baby boomer generation "dies off" we can hopefully see a shift what type of lifestyle people actually want... and that will come with a change in the political regime too (i would hope).

I feel your pain. I do. However...

(and I'll admit here that I'm a Boomer...)

Things aren't black-and-white. The Boomers are not a regime. They didn't 'inherit' the system on one particular day and they won't be handing it off in the same way, either. There's been tons of bleedthrough, lots of migration, huge assimilation, cross-breeding of mores and ethics...

You talk about a 'shift in what type of lifestyle people actually want'. Well, I've been around to have witnessed all kinds of lifestyle choices come on the scene. And they've always been extant. People just haven't chosen them to the degree that you'd have liked. That's part of living in a free-market, materialistic democracy. You vote with your dollars...after being herded by the marketing.

Bottom-line: be very careful how you assign blame, the breadth of the brush you paint with. And remember that in the end, all of us have been complicit in creating what's in front of us, to admittedly varying degrees.

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