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By anony (anonymous) | Posted November 24, 2011 at 14:04:29

Why would the ex-ex-(ex-ex-)mayor bother pointing this article out to RTH, an article any Globe&Mail reader woud have seen? Why, well, looking at the twit's twit, so he could be sarcastic of course, that's why. LD, Babcock---media content in Hamilton remains mostly dead--or in LD's case, worse. Russ Powers once on CH wanted to point out on a so-called "panel" be nice to the universe Connie Smith show that there'd been some controversial actions in his riding during a federal election campaign--and mentioning this would, he seemed to feel, add to understanding of the result, his defeat, as it happened. Happy-be nice to everyone Smith thought, no, that wouldn't do, let's move on--except on TVO's election follow-up Powers had already talked about the nature of the campaign as if this was normal political discourse--which it was; even TVO's know everything host didn't tut-tut Powers. Babcock Di Ianni what's the difference? This is a town afraid of itself. Even the Hamiltonnews weeklies scoop the rest. Portland fine: but from expresswayLarry of all twitters?

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