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By kendall (registered) - website | Posted November 22, 2011 at 10:31:41 in reply to Comment 71516

Excuse you for misunderstanding but your letter never states that this letter was not penned by RTH staff, than who did? That said, RTH was ever opportune and ran with the ball. My positions stand until proof is given, respectfully, Mr. Jelly's word can be hollow at times. I hope RTH get's their wish and is allowed to take part in the media scrums at City Hall. A credible in depth accounting of City Hall meetings is sorrily lacking in the media. I can't watch the meetings do to work, so an abridged minutes would be great, I can chew my own "food" I don't need someone dictating the news for me. P.S you and Joey should consider following Matt's journey into Hamilton politics, you both have poignant ways with delving into and doling out the facts.

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