Comment 71455

By Not Boxing (anonymous) | Posted November 19, 2011 at 17:39:10 in reply to Comment 71454

Indeed. The franchised nature of OF grated a bit, I think. (The same doesn't hold for the CBC, but that brand has some potent mythology going for it -- if their experiment disappoints, it will be on its own terms.) Social media has been a great lubricant but on the whole, I wish that there was more proactive work being done and less reactive work. The Spec still wields outsized influence when you think of how its coverage is repeated prismatically through resource-deprived outlets like CHML, CHCH, the blogosphere and so on. Then again, I think that most Hamiltonians are reasonably happy with the media status quo; if they want anything, it's not clear that it's more local news so much as more local information.

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