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By Mark Fenton (anonymous) | Posted November 18, 2011 at 17:06:20

As many people find my journeys as arduous and draining to read as I do to go on them I decided to start adding recipes so that when readers get hungry part way through they'll be provided with a snack. Obviously I've created as many problems as I've alleviated. I prefer cilantro to parsley, but I understand it's a polarizing ingredient and to some it tastes like soap. My rapid surfing on the polarizing nature of cilantro just now tells me that the PN of C is being studied by Charles J. Wysocki, "an olfactory scientist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia" ( which isn't exactly rigorous from a physiological standpoint, and, alas, clicking on the link to the Monell Chemical Senses Centre didn't put me into a learned paper on the polarizing PN of C, which might have, for example, had conclusions like “cilantro tastes bad to some people because cilantro is deadly. It should be avoided as one avoids cyanide.” The either/or option the recipe above offers is the very definition of digital, thus fitting for a digital publication. When I’m confronted with a salad recipe that calls for roasted almonds OR cyanide, I personally always opt for the roasted almonds. (So Ted, PLEASE, use parsley.) I’m open to an informal poll as to whether readers would like to continue to see recipes in these essays or whether they might prefer, say, instructions for card games, or a new abdominal workout.

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