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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted November 17, 2011 at 00:12:33 in reply to Comment 71308

I just knew I would upset you with my opinion on Mr. Singer's work - that is why I begged before I differed :)

You and I both know that we have no control on what will get destroyed or what will get built in this city -- yet we do choose to remain engaged!

I have never suggested that we demolish the BOE / Singer building - in spite of my personally not considering it to be architecturally significant in style or plan. In fact it is to the contrary that I have always spoken of on such matters here, ever since our very kind baba ghanoush guarding editor first published my thoughts.

However, I have always maintained that given the hubris of our empire, let us pick our battles wisely. The BOE building's fate being already sealed in-camera - a decision on which we have no influence whatsoever... at least let us try and influence what goes in its place -(and here I don't mean the style of architecture, I mean the use of the lands which can make a significant 100 year impact on the core.)

Why no one wants to wage a battle to bring the School of Liberal Arts into its most logical location in our city core is puzzling to say the least.

Could it be that we the battle-weary guards have finally succumbed to the idea that anything is good enough for us? Or do we genuinely believe that a promise of 400 doctors next to the art gallery is what this city needs to rejuvenate its spirit?

Once again, the AGO-OCAD-Grange Park co-location serves us as a reminder of the magic that can happen if the right mix is planned in urban environments.

I truly am sorry for my views Mr. Singer... I hope you appreciate my dilemma.

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