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By bob lee (anonymous) | Posted November 16, 2011 at 12:22:13 in reply to Comment 71290

the BoE building is our Colonnade:

easily dismissed, but with a longer look its beauty starts to creep in I think. It combines the spareness and stark lines of brutalism with a certain grace in a way that most buildings of the era - think of Robarts and many other university buildings of the 70s - did not.

But more importantly, this isn't even a debate we need to be having. Mahesh you always end up making things into a polarity, one side against the other.

It's like LRT v GO. Why do we need to have either the BoE or the downtown campus? The only reason this whole issue has come up is because Mac wants to get a free site to build on, plus with no servicing costs because it's downtown. Meanwhile the BoE gets a mountain site and won't pay any fees to the city for its new build. It's a crazy game of internal rivalry within the public service, classic silo-ism, one upping another public entity without any regard for the fact that these are public buildings and concerns. Methinks we need a regional planning authority.

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