Comment 71288

By z jones (registered) | Posted November 16, 2011 at 11:24:14 in reply to Comment 71264

What does a capital cost report on Ontario colleges have to do with whether we should demolish the Board of Ed building? 'Quirky' or not I don't need an architect degree to see the Board of Ed is a beautiful building and well made. All the stuff you say about it, people said the same stuff about the other beautiful buildings in Hamilton, some of them saved but way too many lost to short sighted thinkers. If we let it get torn down, one day people will look at old pictures of it and wonder what the frig was wrong with us.

Sure Board is clueless but they've always been clueless, they wanted to move to the suburbs 50 years ago. It's the job of council to be less clueless about urban renewal than school board trustees.

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