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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted November 16, 2011 at 06:43:52 in reply to Comment 71271

The "wrong battle" is the perennial debate over which old building is more 'deserving' of survival.

I disagree entirely.

The 'wrong battle' is actually a perennial situation where, in crisis and desperation, we cling to those things we cling to, and a good deal of this clinging is simply a reflexive reaction...and because not much good gets done decision making-wise in a state of desperation, it makes for pretty sad viewing.

(There is a huge mindset about 'what we lost in the core' that fuels this desperation for some. And it only adds to the clinging default.)

We would already be doing this without prodding, if only we could bring ourselves to fix our broken system of incentives for developers.


Once again, you're looking at a quantifiable process, because that's where your wiring leads you. I look at something more connected to how engaged people are with the city in which they live...and the fact that there's this systemic disconnect on 'the average person's part'.

In the past twelve hours, I've been either witness to or privy to two entirely unrelated situations in Hamilton that speak to this disconnect. The AEGD controversy...and the Mission Services imbroglio in Ward 3. (I'll also throw into the mix the imminent demise of Sanford Avenue School and what that entire area could have been re-imagined as...)

So for me, while it's fine and dandy to look at flawed processes...and I'm not arguing against your point, that our rules and regulations re: development are suspect at best...the more basic truth isn't about 'Them''s about 'Us'.

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