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By Joee Sixtypack (anonymous) | Posted October 28, 2011 at 17:54:33

Osh-awa /ahh-sha-wah:
"A lacklustre subsistence upon an automaton-like pattern of trivial awareness"

This town is slowly eating itself as the consistent cycle takes place generation after generation. Weak-minded fools with a poor ability to constructivly express themselves in any way other than that of self-righteous indignation; who lash out with physical and verbal agression, then have children who in turn complete the cycle.
There are no outlets here for people to express themselves through and free themselves from their unfortunate habitation of this geographical region lovingly referred to as the "Dirty Shwa".
Concentraion seems to focus on how to get as much alomony out of their baby's momma or daddy while constantly upholding the "he said/ she said" mentality of talking about other people's problems without addressing their own dire situations.
The people are only the hosts for the true occupants of this place - Methamphetamine, crack-cocaine and alcohol.
If you like the lowest common denominator mentality that mainstream rap and a "ghetto gangstah" attitude bring, then bring your family! You'll have more fun here than any Gathering of the Juggalos that ICP could ever imagine possible!

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