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By JP (registered) | Posted October 26, 2011 at 12:28:28

Nissan did a study of motor vehicle accidents a few years ago and determined that something between 92% and 95% of all accidents were avoidable and a result of driver error. You want to reduce pedestrian fatalities? Start producing better trained, more aware, more courteous drivers. You don't need lower speed limits, narrower streets or more bike lanes. You just need people paying attention!

Main Street is a necessary evil to move people from one end of the lower city to the other. If I want to go from Locke and Abedeen to visit my friend at Ottawa and Main, there's only one way to get there without having to resort to a maze of side-streets. Furthermore I don't see speeding as a serious problem on Main as the lights are timed so that if you maintain a certain speed then you'll get all-green lights. If you go too fast then you get 'penalized' with red lights.

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