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By sselway (registered) | Posted October 25, 2011 at 21:11:45 in reply to Comment 70869

The situation is a little more complicated.

One area of the lower city which needs remediation is the Barton Tiffany area in the West Harbour. This is in large part owned by the City, which should simplify the remediation financing. Right now, the City won't even say what the costs might be, nor make public any data on the condition of the site. There are only three possibilities: The City acquired data prior to buying the lands; the City will have to acquire data before selling the lands (in order to set a price); or the City will have to acquire data before building on the lands itself - or greening them, if the data indicate that parkland only is feasible.(Very doubtful.) Instead of clarifying the picture, the Mayor continues to repeat that the cost of remediation is between 3 and 37 million dollars ie to sow confusion. Result: leverage in the reverse direction of what's wanted. The City has driven down the values of property in the Central Neighbourhood by buying up a tract of land forcing a number of houses and businesses into dereliction, and now continues to devalue all properties in the area every time this meaningless estimate of clean-up costs is repeated.

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