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By laughing out loud (anonymous) | Posted October 25, 2011 at 03:54:54 in reply to Comment 70796

Lets look at your points and compare them to our list of accidents.

#1 Speed. Was speed or excessive speed a factor in the accidents? Cannot tell for sure in some of them but in a lot of them it does not appear to be. Driveway, parking lot, bike hitting SUV turning into gas station etc.

#2 Attentive motorists. I am not sure about how attentive our drivers are compared to Parisian drivers. What I do know is that driving is much more of a privilege than a right in Europe. Drivers must take driving lessons. Europeans take driving much more seriously than North Americans do. I believe that is much more of a factor than attentiveness.

#3 Sidewalk and buffers. They may indeed make you feel more comfortable but look at the list of accidents, it does not look like any were caused by narrow sidewalks or lack of a buffer between cars and sidewalks.

#4 Safety in numbers. It does not look like it actually safety in numbers it looks more like driver and pedestrian education. Drivers need to be more patient and pedestrians need to use a little more discretion on how and where they decide to cross a road.

#5 Crosswalks. Indeed we do need more crosswalks even though the list of accidents above does not look like it would be reduced by them. Not a single one of them was a pedestrian jaywalking.

Looks like you wiffed on all 5 of your points.

Again what you have posted is fiction. Tugging at our morality to try and further your agenda even though nothing on your agenda would seem to affect any of the fatalities on the list.

I especially like the little reference to no children pedestrians being killed in Paris when in Hamilton there was exactly one and that poor little girl was killed in her parents driveway. What was that supposed to prove except how insensitive you really are? Is there anything you would not stoop too to try and further your cause?

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