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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted October 24, 2011 at 09:02:25 in reply to Comment 70803

Firstly, Main St East from the 403 to Gage Park is an intercity highway.

Thank you.

This to me, is where the discussion has to start. And in having the discussion, all of us need to be honest with ourselves in answering the question 'What do you want?'

For me, I don't want an 'inner-city expressway'. (My preferred reference.) Every time I walk Main Street between Queen and Dundurn, I do a spit-take at the ''Esplanade' signage. This section is a thoroughfare, plain and simple. And given how much time is saved en route by having this's absurd. As absurd as cigarette commercials in the 50s and 60s featuring doctors' endorsements, as absurd as suburban absurd as the profligacy of lawns and the stunning selfishness of bottled water.

I'm all for getting people somewhere as efficiently as possible. But I'm more for the humanity of design. I long for the day when the referred-to stretch of Main Steet is returned to normalcy, when saner minds finally recognize and acknowledge that there's no reason good enough to have thoroughfares in the city...especially when we can't seem to make our communities safe enough for those not behind the driver's wheel. (For the record, I'm not happy with Queen Street or Hunter as thoroughfares, either. God damn, we've been through some brain-dead interludes in this city...)

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