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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted October 14, 2011 at 10:35:21 in reply to Comment 70560

It's not that anything other than James ST. North "doesn't count" it's that for a great many years, many parts of this city, including James St. North, were "written off" wholesale by councillors at city hall. James St. North "will never be what it was" is what a former area councillor once said.

It's only through the hard work and perseverence of individuals that James North has been the success it is. It has nothing to do with city hall, and in fact I think city hall could do a lot more to help such entrepreneuers.

The stadium was to be built on the waterfront, as part of a coordinated plan to turn the waterfront into a destination, like those of many other cities, rather than the post-industrial wasteland most of it currently is.

You might be all excited about the new stadium, but how do you feel about the fact the neighbourhood is losing Brian Timmis? Is that a positive benefit to this great part of town? Will it make that part of town greater or lesser?

Oh, I know, anything other than the Ti-cats doesn't count with most Anon posters. Apologies for not remembering this all the time for the Anon posters. :-p

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