Comment 70540

By Brandon (registered) | Posted October 13, 2011 at 14:07:04 in reply to Comment 70489

I prefer to take it to the citizens than to have councillors redefine the powers of themselves and the Mayor. I didn't vote for Bratina, but obviously others felt differently and he was elected Mayor. Also, this isn't specific to Bratina but to the position of Mayor, whoever may hold that position. I'm worried that Hamilton will lose out due to the ego-clashes on council. But, we'll see what Whitehead manages to secure or lose for Hamilton with this move.

The mayor has one vote on council. When in council sessions, he can say anything he wants to say to try and sway people to his point of view.

After council has rendered a decision, he must uphold that decision as if he believes in it. Regardless of his personal feelings on matters.

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