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By rednic (registered) | Posted October 12, 2011 at 21:55:51

Well at the risk of a law suit i will put my opinion into words.

This entire process was initiated by David Braley (

Mr.Braley owns TWO CFL teams. The argonauts have been looking for a way to get of Rogers place since it was renamed Rogers place from 'Skydome'. By the time the Pan Am games are over the argos will be playing at the new stadium at york university and the ticats will be playing at the new 'Ivor Wynne'. The ontario tax payers will have built both of these stadiums with funds ear marked for High-end amateur sports. (I'll agree with the amateur part high end is another story) We have seen the whole sale robbery of tax payers funds for a professional sports league. The east mountain thing was to increase the value of his land holdings. The retreat to Ivor Wynne was simply a face saving measure. It has all of the faults that the West Harbor has.

DAVID Mr.Braley HAS STOLEN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the tax payers of Ontario and Canada to fund the CFL.

Oh and the veoldrome Dead .. Why ? because braely coudn't figure out how to steal it as well from the taxpayers.

And the Spec was desperate for a senator from Hamilton .. we got one from Hamilton except his 'home' is really the CFL.

please do not delete my comment; i will gladly provide all contact info to the editors of this site when the law suit arrives but sorry some one needs to say what to be needs to be said.

Braley is just another conservative party member looking to rip the tax payers off

and we all lose

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