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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted October 12, 2011 at 10:25:53

There was a commenter on TheSpec Live feed yesterday that mentioned using an old abandoned warehouse to house the Veledrome. I love the idea. An old brick building with new windows with the Veledrome track built inside. All we would have to focus on is a few aesthetics, the track, and some seating. The rest could be developed over time like training facilities within the building such as a weight room and what not. We could work on a running track within the bike track later on, and develop this thing up over time.

Our downtown is full of these abandoned facilities. One of them must be big enough?

By building bare bones for the needs of Pan Am and enough amenities that would attract the Canadian team, than anything above and beyond these sports organizations could fund raise and look for money over time from the city, to build onto this facility.

Not sure how big Rheem is or how much space the track and seating requires and it's not brick, but talk about a re-use.

As for the comment about losing an amateur facility. We will not. Brian Timmis will be re-located and I like Farr's suggestion about Eastwood. I played there as a kid. We mostly practised there except when we played against Eastwood in Select. A 5,000 seat soccer stadium with press boxes and such would surely give that area a visual and community facility boost. It saddened me to read about the struggling hockey program there.

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