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By hamcen (anonymous) | Posted October 12, 2011 at 09:53:52 in reply to Comment 70467

How do you expect this to play out? Seems like it can only hurt Hamilton to have a Mayor who cannot freely interact with higher governments by phone, meetings, at events, etc. My impression is that this motion is not because the Councillors feel they have a better working relationship with the McGuinty government and, in fact, I fear the opposite - that they may want a confrontational relationship. I hope I am wrong, but I worry what Hamilton will get out of this.

We have so many needs, from help with our hefty social program costs, to creating new jobs, to reversing downloading, to help with transit, health,... Our representation in provincial government was just reduced and I don't see how this action helps Hamilton maintain a better relationship with that government. How do you see this working?

I really worry that Hamilton often ends up getting less than it needs and deserves because of bad politics at the local level. Is this another example or is there actually a positive side?

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