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By Wondering (anonymous) | Posted June 20, 2007 at 15:10:40

Hey All
Given that I hear the constant growl of Main Street buses (and too much traffic) from where I live daily, I'm following this topic intently and tend to side with those in favour of LRT over BRT.
One thing has me wondering though... are express routes still possible with the LRT options being proposed? While LRT may be more comfy and quiet, folks won't use it unless it's as quick as their cars (which, of course currently travel at an unimpeded 50km/h+ from the 403 to Delta on King and Main). I haven't had the time to read up much on this but am hoping someone can tell me if there will be LRT "passing lanes" allowing the rigs to get from A-Z quickly, by-passing B-Y on the way? Please let me know how this works.
Also, I'd like to add in another suggestion for those who are writing letters. Could we please suggest that safe and functional cycling lanes be incorporated into the plans as things are thought through. To my mind, viable cycling options in the lower city are even rare than public transit ones but have even greater potential and upside than RT if made safe and user-friendly.
Thanks for considering this.
Good luck to everyone trying to get this going!

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