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By hamcen (anonymous) | Posted October 09, 2011 at 20:14:37 in reply to Comment 70405

What difference do you expect it to make? One large difference in the platforms was taxes. The PC would decrease corporate taxes, the NDP would increase them, while the Libs would keep them the same. They'll stay the same, don't you think?

On gas/oil, both the NDP and PC would decrease the taxes but the NDP was going to pay for this with increased corporate taxes while the PC would pay for it with decreased government programs. So those 2 parties could agree to decrease those gas/oil taxes but they won't agree on how to pay for them and they would suffer extreme voter backlash if they just decreased taxes, with no means of paying for it.

Perhaps the PC and NDP can stop some of the green energy programs, but McGuinty might do this anyway since he probably is losing votes on it. We'd likely have an election before the Liberals introduce a buy-Ontario program and I doubt that both the NDP and PC would oppose programs like extending GO trains.

What funding/legislation do you think might be changed by the fact that McGuinty doesn't have a majority?

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