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By Bobby1 (anonymous) | Posted October 07, 2011 at 13:42:11

I don't believe Mayor Bratina either helped or hindered Hamilton with his Liberal support in the end, but could have, if we ended up with a PC majority! The Mayor should have remained neutral,but, just like he never had a platform for his election, he continues to lack forsight for possible ramifications of his statements! The Mayor is a talker,rather than a thinker! Ward 14 & 15 Councillors also endorsed the Liberal candidate Ted McMeekin,who is an excellent MPP, but again that endorsement could have went sideways if Skelly won! It appears to me,that some on City Council,at the risk of Hamilton citizens,wish to enhance their own contacts and future political endorsement if they chose to expand their own horizons! No harm done this time,but what if election results had been different! Politics in Hamilton is a blood sport, much like the TV program Survivor,tell others what they want to hear at the time,then throw them (citizens) under the bus when it suits your person goals!

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