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By ScreamingViking (registered) | Posted October 07, 2011 at 11:11:46 in reply to Comment 70386

Bratina gambled but only won a partial share of the pot. Despite what may have happened at the party level, the likelihood of a mixed outcome among city MPPs was always high. Aggelonitis losing her seat was probably more of a surprise, and McMeekin was in for a fight to keep his. But rarely does a party leader who is in good standing with voters lose his or her own riding, and Horwath was in little danger of doing so. And Hudak's riding overlaps the city boundary too - it was a good bet he'd keep it as well.

With a local political climate as mixed as that, why endorse anyone?

Horwath gained quite a lot this election. More recognition and credibility province wide, more NDP strength in the legislature by virtue of holding more seats, but most importantly the power of owning a deciding vote between disparate parties. McGuinty may be saying he won't court partnerships, but you can bet the Liberals will do their damnedest to make new friends and renew old friendships when difficult issues are up for debate.

So while some may think Hamilton's position has been weakened because we lost a cabinet minister, I think having the leader of the more "friendly" opposition party in town provides way more opportunity.

Bratina should have realized all of this. Or someone on his advisory team should have done so and emphasized it with him. It was better to say nothing, and let all suitors come calling, than to declare his love for one and risk being spurned altogether.

Did his apparent need to speak just to say something trump his better judgment? Or did he actually believe in what he was saying and felt a sea of red was likely to wash over this area? Hard to tell with him. But now he has to make some new friends too to effectively push the city agenda from the municipal level, and he has neither the suave nor the savvy of a McGuinty to help grease the wheels for that.

Watch him come out and claim he felt this is what would happen all along, though. And that he didn't put down the other parties and is happy to talk with all local MPPs about Hamilton issues. Backtracking and re-messaging are things he can do beautifully.

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