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By bob lee (anonymous) | Posted October 06, 2011 at 16:37:25

there are conspiracies and there are deals. I could see Bratina making a deal to stump for all-day Go in exchange for other favours to come Hamilton's way. If that's the case it's pretty shrewd in a way, as it might lead to more provincial favours. That would also clear up the nonsense conspiracy theories that say Bratina's hoping for a seat somewhere in the future - I'd say the mayoral chair is worth more than the chance at running in contentious provincial ridings in 2015. But the timing is messed up. Why right in the middle of a campaign? Was there any pressure on the province to guarantee their Metrolinx commitments at the time Bratina took his stand? And also why characterize it as either GO or LRT? You'd think if he'd made a deal for GO he could have just said 'we're getting Go!' and then kept his mouth shut and let LRT die a budgetary death. It's confusing, the only thing I can pin down is that Bratina is clumsy and speaks before he thinks.

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