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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted October 06, 2011 at 08:45:36

"I really don't see anything wrong in a Mayor endorsing a provincial party - especially given the facts mentioned by him in support of his position, and its resulting positive impact on Hamilton - if the on-going financial commitments are continued in the coming years."

The NDP made the additional promise of LRT, which might have made them seem untrustworthy. I mean, what kind of party would make that sort of pledge during an election campaign? ;)

Also: If.

A cynic might see this endorsement as passive aggressive alpha dog behaviour directed at council colleagues, specifically those who’ve shown past NDP sympathies (Merulla, 2007 bid for NDP candidacy for HESC) or Conservative bias (Clark, MPP 1999-2003) and, coincidentally, been openly critical of the mayor.

But Pasuta, Powers, Partridge, Ferguson and McHattie had already publicly supported incumbent Liberal incumbent McMeekin a few weeks back as part of the Fairness to Hamilton campaign.

And these political biases are, on a certain level, bone-deep. Let’s not forget the council members who have considered provincial runs for the Liberals (Morelli in 2004, Collins in 2011) or the federal Liberals (Powers as MP 2004-2006, Bratina courted in 2009). (FWIW, Jackson ran as a provincial Conservative the Hamilton Mountain riding in 2004.) You'd be forgiven for thinking that Hamilton’s councillors perpetually have one foot in their mouth and the other out the door. The uploading arrangement is (more than the GO pledge) the icing on the cake, but it's ironic that the legacy of Mike Harris would be Hamilton's slavery to the Liberal vote. ;)

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