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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted October 03, 2011 at 00:15:21 in reply to Comment 70269

The part I don't understand is how anyone but the most extreme could possibly say riding up or down the escarpment is either safe or possible for the vast majority of the population.

I dunno...I've been doing it since I was 12. Seriously, some of the cycling-bashing on this thread is downright embarassing. First of all, it would be nice to actually hear some evidence with all the talk of how "dangerous" this is (compared to driving or walking, of course). Secondly, acknowledgement that there are ways up and down the escarpment other than riding in a lane of traffic. And most importatnly - acknowledging that as soon as you decide you're going to drive rather than cycle, you become one of those drivers who makes people afraid to cycle.

As for all the remarks about "enthusiasts" and spandex-clad "super-fit" cyclists, let me explain what a ride with such people actually entails. Many road cyclists go out for "centuries" (100 miles, or kilometres for a "light" day). My crosscountry friends go on 24-hour races. The McMaster cycling team does laps on the Sydnham hill in Dundas. How any of the in-Hamilton riding described above compares to this I can't imagine, but it only goes to show what people think the limits of cycling are (3-5km, light rain and a slight incline).

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