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By personal comfort zone (anonymous) | Posted October 02, 2011 at 18:19:39

As the wife in question, I'll clarify - the walk is close to 3km and took 25min when I was fit (30-35 min now). However, stopping to pick up kids on the way adds another 30 minutes (they are slow distracted walkers lol) and when it's basically dinner time that's 30 min I would prefer to have available to make dinner.

Certainly walking and cycling is a great way to go - I did cycle daily pre-kids, and biked home and back at lunch for a few months when we got our first puppy.

My issue with cycling is not the exercise, it's personal safety - particularly getting down the escarpment with no bike lanes. I know a number of people who cycle considerable distances every day and I admire that. However, it's simply not in my comfort zone, particularly when you add parked cars, buses and drivers who don't respect bikers. I've nearly been hit twice and I've been cut off by a bus more than once just on Concession. I also have several cyclist friends who have been hit by drivers simply not paying attention - one was thrown a distance. Both still cycle, but again it's personal thing.

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