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By without_a_car (anonymous) | Posted October 01, 2011 at 19:19:36

This was a great story and a really relevant comment. I've recently taken my car off the road to pay down some debt, as my insurance rates were arbitrarily raised by $20 per month in August. I do live within biking distance to work, but the walk can be a bit tiring at the end of a long day. HSR service is not very good, which I knew from my past experience of bussing into McMaster for classes. I learned NOT to take the Aberdeen bus to Longwood and Main because many buses would pass without stopping as they were too full. Instead I took the bus downtown and usually even managed to find a seat for a ride into McMaster! Parking at $20 per day was not an option. LRT is NEEDED in this city. City Councillors and Mayor: Please ride transit once per week for work or to do some errands. You will have quick insight into the challenges with our transit system. And those university students attending Mac from out-of-town? They will take their degrees and settle in another city -- one with a good transit system. This is a future growth issue. An issue with economic impact!

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