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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted September 30, 2011 at 22:48:37 in reply to Comment 70231

Undustrial writes ...

Cycling isn't easy, and cycling full-time, year-round is even harder.

I must insist that a commute of up to twenty-five minutes in the lower city - that's King & Sterling to Victoria & Ferrie via the waterfront trail on my 50lb three speed, carrying my 8lb briefcase 50lbs of post-nuptial weight, for example - is actual easy to do year round, but it requires the right bike. Not a special bike, just a sensible bike; one with ...

  • kick stand
  • enclosed chain
  • rear and/or front rack/basket
  • good fenders
  • front and rear lights

As an example, allow me the vanity of showing my commuter/everyday bike - pictured here with my luggage before I set out to meet the airport shuttle downtown ...

Off to the airport

See a larger image at

Not required are ...

  • a bunch (or perhaps any) gears
  • frames made of space-age material
  • special clothing
  • special laptop bag

I went into detail in an RtH article a few months back: Winter Cycling in Hamilton in One Easy Step.

Now, up the mountain every day? That's another level of commitment - now we're talking about a workout. And probably the need for a few gears; and an extra big basket up front to carry the layers of clothing you'll shed when you hit the top of the hill. :)

But the lower city, particularly from Dundas to Gore Park, can be far easier than most people imagine.

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