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By anon (anonymous) | Posted September 30, 2011 at 09:41:59 in reply to Comment 70164

> For longer-trips in city, a good quick bike is by far the best option, IMHO. Not much slower than a car, even over a distance, and a tiny fraction of the price even if you splurge.

Faster. Bikes, generally, as a rule, are always faster. The entire nation's auto and truck fleet only manage an overall average moving speed of about 25km/hr. That is very very close to an easy pace on a bike, for just about any trip. (Distance may be a factor with some trips. :) )

There's a huge analytical glitch in the original article: nowhere does it indicate that the author's wife actually tried riding a bike. In other words, you have a very short distance commute with the maximum amount of transit overhead.

A good friend of mine does a daily commute from East Mountain to Mac in 12 minutes, which is typically faster than by car or motorcycle, or within a minute or two of the best possible times using either motorized alternative.

Centre-mountain to MacMaster is probably under 15 minutes by bike. Reading that the car is only getting a 15 minute time is like getting to the punchline of a joke. It's approximately 3-4km, and you probably end up parking the car in some obscure location and walking 5 or 10 minutes at the end of all that.

Buying a car for THAT trip seems so silly to this cyclist.

"I've tried nothing, and I'm all out of ideas. Let's get a car."

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