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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted September 29, 2011 at 15:26:09

I do the bus thing from Westdale to Hamilton General... there are so many busses running east/west at rush-hour moments that I'm surprised your wife has such problems.

Admittedly things are much worse in summer when the @#*&$ers cancel the 51, but right now I'm enjoying short waits. That said, I take the 2, which is a heavily-used bus and therefore has a frequent schedule. Even though I often face the frustration of "bus arrives just in time to watch my connection leave", there's only like an 8 minute gap between 2s at rush-hour.

Does she commute at odd hours or something?

Either way, the big problem is the mountain - you can endlessly see almost-empty busses heading in and out of the downtown bus-stops. The city obviously can't increase bus-service up there because it's so much ground to cover with so few riders, but at the same time the wait between busses can be pretty painful. I'm surprised that the 27 gives you so much trouble though since the city obviously considers that "A-line corridor" to be a major route.

Also, look into the Presto cards. If you're not using the bus on weekends or recreationally and are just doing 2-trips/workday, tickets/Presto is slightly cheaper than a pass.

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