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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted June 18, 2007 at 18:19:01

Spot on Sean. I'm a little tired of folks making assumptions about the cyclists argument here. Nobody on this discussion stream has advocated any law breaking for cyclists. We are not promoting one rule for 'us' and another for 'them'

The reality is that many of us (I can speak for the RTH contributors in this discussion) are drivers AND cyclists. As a driver I have been frequently impeded, cut-off and annoyed by cyclists. But that doesn't mean the solution is to continue to have them/us abide by these arcane car-laws.

Your argument for targetting car drivers and cyclists offsenses is equally is right on. But in reality these offenses are not comparible. A 5 K speeding car offense is not comparible with any cycling offense that I can think of (in terms of the potential harm to pedestrians). Any moderate infraction by a motorist is way more potentially harmful than some of the worst cycling offenses. Surely anyone can see that...?! We need to be objective in this discussion, but we also need to apply a little common sense too. For every Brian getting knocked over by a bike there must be a hundred far far worse car related incidents (assumptions assumptions... I too would like to see some data on this).

Anyway I still like the original suggestion on this discussion stream - CHANGE THE LAWS for cyclists so they can get some leeway and stop abiding by what are essentially car centric laws, and then apply the laws equally to all modes of transport.



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