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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted June 18, 2007 at 13:53:15

Brian, I am sorry to hear that you were injured by a rogue cyclist. And I know that you are more than "just a number", but you must agree that you are statistically in a very very very small minority. The "cyclists don't inflict injury on others" argument always riles people up. However, in this case I don't think that it is presented as an "excuse" for cyclists breaking the law.

Motorists always complain that cyclists get away with "breaking the rules all the time". The implication of this statement is that cyclists NEVER obey the rules while motorists ALWAYS obey. The "obey the traffic act" card gets played every time, usually by motorists (who may also be cyclists, but who rarely prefer cycling to driving).

I would like to see some data which takes the damage done by motorists whose only violation is speeding (i.e. ignoring all other violations) -- and compares it to the damage done cumulatively by every rule-breaking cyclist over the course of a year. I'd wager that our "optional" speeding laws cause more pain and suffering in one month than all cyclist-at-fault incidents cause in a decade.

I am all for enforcement of rules as long as the enforcement is actually balanced. Start ticketing every stop-sign-running cyclist as soon as every motorist doing 55, 60, 70 or beyond in a 50 zone is also penalized -- and don't forget those motorists who feel that 5km/h at a stop sign is close enough to zero to count as a stop.

Motorists argue that the laws should apply to everyone, and I fully agree. Next time you are navigating your 2000-pound vehicle at 10km/h over the limit through my neighbourhood and slowing to 5km/h for each stop sign, please do go ahead and get enraged about the 200-pound bike-with-rider "running" a stop sign at 10km an hour.

Sorry if my sarcasm comes across as harsh, but I'm tired of hearing the same line over and over. We have an enforcement strategy that has made it virtually legal for drivers to break traffic laws, and the sense of entitlement that these drivers have makes me sick.

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