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By highwater (registered) | Posted September 24, 2011 at 11:52:40 in reply to Comment 69998

Fair enough, but here's the thing. More and more people are going to be coming out of some kind of post-secondary education. For better or worse, BA's are the new high school diploma. The provincial government has set a goal of having 80% of the population with a university or college diploma - a complete reversal from our parents' generation.

So yes, we should stop pretending that there won't be a need for unskilled and low-skilled work in the future, but we should also stop pretending that a post-secondary education is 'elitist'.

And if we don't focus on creating high-skills, 'creative economy' jobs for post-secondary graduates, they'll have no choice but to take those low-skilled jobs and where does that leave the high school drop-outs?

A society that provides for lots of well paid, high-skills jobs is a society that can afford to hire more bathroom cleaners and pay them a decent wage.

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