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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted September 24, 2011 at 09:47:19 in reply to Comment 69998

I do not like the inference that there would be only growing economic opportunities for those coming out of post secondary education. It sounds elitest.

Actually, I'm sort-of with Grassroots on this one: our assumptions of progress often seem to imagine a world of latte-sipping, white-collar university graduates working in the "creative sector".

But an economically revitalized Hamilton which draws people with education and good prospects in the "creative economy" (which is said to include computer programmers and engineers as well as graphic designers, mind) can also be a Hamilton which has jobs for people who barely made it through high school. Unskilled and semi-skilled labour is an important part making a city work and we should stop pretending that it won't exist in the future. Someone has to clean the bathrooms, even in the economy of the future.

And off course, a good transit system is better not only for the art-crawling young statistician; it's also good for high-school dropout who's working two jobs at either end of town.

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