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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted September 16, 2011 at 13:29:28 in reply to Comment 69753

Thanks James.

It is but the agenda stated Ward 3 which got my attention. It's across the street from Ward 3 so I would think anything within so many metres, is still Ward 3's business and in fact, part of Ottawa Street is in Ward 3 so this business would/will affect my ward. It also falls into the Crown Point boundaries albeit Crown Point East but the Neighbhorhood Association is called The Crown Jewel and covers all of Crown Point.

As for Bernie or Sam ... I don't want to ponit fingers. I can't imagine how any one councillor or their office of one or two staff, could possibly manage all this data. This committee alone meets three times a month. How do you keep up with all the amendments and emails and phone calls and, and, and.

A database is needed to track all incoming correspondances and the status of those items. We also need to change the internal City Hall processes. A 11x17 sign (of which I seen nowhere although I didn't walk around the entire property to look for one), could not be found. There should be a point of contact within the community whether it's the Neighbourhood Association lead or a tab on Bernie's website managed by the Office of the Committee of Adjustment or any committee, that fills the neighbourhoods on items related to them. 1085 and 1149 are flagged and emails should auto-send to those who would share this with the public so proper public notice is given. Not some quietly placed sign. Someone could propose a strip joint back on Barton and if I wasn't lucky enough to stumble upon the request, I and my fellow neighbours would be sol.

I don't want to blame council anymore. Let's come up with these ideas ourselves like others - including guys like Joey Coleman, are doing. There is a lot we can do without their consent and then other things we will need to push like opening up certain data. But what is alredy public, we can change how it makes it's way to the public and show them that now that it's built, if your staff update the data how we have formatted it, it will make their job much easier and it will change the dynamics of how our cities run substancially.

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