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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted September 13, 2011 at 15:58:36 in reply to Comment 69552

You are right. Everyone should have a say absolutely, but for Hudak to say I am going to build it, that's not asking now is it?

I will agree that we don't just need to sell why we don't need it, but to come up with creative ways not to need it and to fix the problems on our highways now.

I for one, when I drive, don't use the Skyway or the QEW. I take Eastport/Liftbridge, QEW quickly to take Plains across Fairview. As others point out, so many people are going to work in Burlington. Alternate routes certainly help.

If we can create more jobs and keep more people in Hamilton (or whatever city they live in), then I hardly need to leave except to go up north or to see the Jays or that sort of thing and I can take the train to see the Jays so I am then on that highway much less. I take the train to work 95% of the time anyways so I am not in that gridlock daily, but we need to fill all those factories and warehouses in north Hamilton with some good paying jobs, as well as all those office towers and new ones, downtown. AKA the need for local transit solutions so all these new jobs don't create internal traffic mayem.

I personally want to work in Hamilton. I'd be willing to bet there were quite a few travelling to downtown TO daily, that would rather stay local too.

We also need to give companies incentive to take a good look at their employee-base and where they are coming from and look at building satelite offices to get those people working closer to home. Or offer work from home solutions which some big companies are getting the hang of but get them to put a program in place to allow their employees at least one day a week, to work from their home offices.

All technology has done to date is create more paper, ruin wrists, backs, etc. Let's use it to our benefit to stop the need for more highways and large parking lots.

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