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By Brian (registered) | Posted June 15, 2007 at 16:33:02


You have my sympathy. In fact, all cyclists have my sympathy. It is no fun tangling with motorists who have little regard except for getting to and from work as fast as possible, chatting on their cells the whole time there and back.

However, I take great exception with your defense of cyclists who run red lights, stating that they only endanger themselves. As a child, I was ran down by a cyclist who ran a red light as I was crossing the road with the light. And continuously, I see cyclists around McMaster who run lights and stop signs, causing confusion and headache for motorists and pedestrians (is (s)he going to stop, or not?).

Please, don't make excuses for cyclists. Just because they have less mass than autos is no excuse for not obeying the Traffic Act.

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