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By funkymonkey (anonymous) | Posted June 15, 2007 at 14:36:58

Hey Steph,

That sounds rough. It reminds me of a time I was accosted by Children's Aid. My daughter stepped into the bathtub and scolded her foot. As soon as my wife took her to Emerg the Child Protection Force took over...!

My other kids were removed from school and questioned by a social worker ("Does your Dad shout at you?" "How does he discipline you?" etc). My wife was held under supervsion at the hospital and then taken to the police station and interviewed. The interview was video taped. And then it was my turn.

Our house was then inspected to make sure our story 'made sense'. Bloody idiots.

I'm all for child protection but that was one horrible day. Needless to say when my kids get a bruise or a cut these days, we don't go anywhere near the hospital :)

There are so many injustices out there I really feel for you and Grant. You just have to shake your head and get on with it :)

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