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By HartffordL (anonymous) | Posted September 13, 2011 at 10:10:27 in reply to Comment 69498

I too wonder about the timing of Councillor Clark's "get tough on the Liberal government" approach as per LRT. Mr. Clark has been a naysayer from the very beginning and told rapid transit staff in no uncertain terms after the last municipal election that he was not in favor of LRT, and even went so far as to make a smart alec comment about "not drinking the LRT cool-aid." It's a bit rich for this same councillor to now stand high above the crowd on his Tory soapbox to shout out McGuinty and the local liberals. It is also a little known fact that Tim Hudak's staff (both at Queen's Park and in his riding which includes part of Hamilton) refused time and time again to schedule an LRT information meeting with the city's rapid transit team. The request was ignored and Mr Hudak is still not in favor of expanding/improving public transporation in Ontario. No, this is a man who wants to pave over the escarpment lands for truck traffic to ease congestion. Well, Mr. Clark and Mr. Hudak, here's a suggestion. Why don't you promise to build modern public transportation in the form of Go trains and light rail between Toronto and Niagara (in all municipalities that will benefit) and then watch how the traffic congestion on the QEW miraculously disappears. Sorry, but Mr. Clark's new tack smacks of partisan politics and convenient timing. He's had almost a year to call out the liberals on LRT and, in fitting "last minute" fashion, he's waited until almost the 11th hour to take the Liberals to task.

Disingenuous behaviour, through and through.

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