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By stephanie (registered) | Posted June 15, 2007 at 12:31:47

You're certainly not wrong to sense a prejudice against cyclists predominating that upsetting incident, Grant, both from the driver and the police. "No witness / No crime" is not a hard-and fast rule. If the police wanted to protect your saftey and your rights that could have investigated more seriously and dragged it out until the motorist likely caved and admitted his error.

Seven months ago I was accused of hitting my boyfriend's unruly daughter (nearly 14 yrs old). After raising her for 10 years without any issues no one even questioned whether she was telling the truth. Even with her long history of anger management issues and problematic lying, I was charged with assault and have spent several thousands of dollars defending myself against an alleged crime in which there are no witnesses and no evidence other than hearsay and opinion. There is "no reasonable prospect of conviction" in my case, and the rules say that the Crown must withdraw the charges thusly, but...on it goes. My life has been shattered in ways that cannot be repaired no matter what happens next.

There is more "system" than "justice", Grant, and it distresses me now to hear how many other people are shunted by the system in countless ways, both minor and significant. You sound like you're living a good, proactive life, Grant, and I encourage you to continue as you have been. Let that insult pass over you without leaving its mark.

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