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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted September 12, 2011 at 22:29:04

Councillor Clark, with all do respect the spectator, RTH, the Chamber of Commerce, the Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington, members of the citizen's rapid transit committee, community neighbourhood associations and private citizens have ALREADY done their part complaining about the lack of priority LRT was getting at city hall back when the department was disbanded. At that point in time YOU and most of the other councillors were not "on the bandwagon" and sat back twiddling your thumbs.

Now, when we all turned out to be right, you have the gall to come in here and say that citizens who support LRT "have got to get involved. They've got to start writing to their MPPs, calling campaign offices to demand candidates' opinions on this. I find it frustrating that these candidates who campaigned in 2007 are not held to account today."

No sir, you do NOT get to have it both ways. We've done more than our fair share, and most of us have done so publicly. You have ample public support to cite. Now YOU and your fellow councilors have to STEP UP and bring this community support to the forefront at CITY HALL. Because after all, that is where the decisions are being made - as the Premier himself has indicated that Hamilton's priorities are being communicated by the mayor.

So quit trying to tell us LRT supporters to "do more" and get out there and do something yourself!

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